Welcome to the BikeTrainTour Hellweg-Weser


The BikeTrainTour Hellweg-Weser is about 275 kilometres long and starts at Soest, follows the Hellweg trail, leads through the spas Sassendorf,
Westernkotten and Waldliesborn, to arrive at the lovely towns Rietberg and Rheda-Wiedenbrück in the Gütersloh region. This region features above all beautiful alleys, extensive meadows and historic town and city centres. Bielefeld is undoubtedly worth while a visit with the landmark Sparrenburg castle and its big city atmosphere.

And on you go through Lippe – country of Hermann, where Lemgo, Blomberg or
Schieder with their historic centres or Brake Castle await your visit. Following lake Schieder you will get to Lüdge. And from there it is only a few more
kilometres to the famous Lower Saxon stately spa Pyrmont.

The tour follows the Emmer valley up to the river Weser and soon Hameln, final destination of the exciting BikeTrainTour comes into sight. Don’t get caught by the Pied Piper!