Hellweg-Weser Tour Characteristics


The BikeTrainTour Hellweg-Weser leads from Soest, sparkeling jewel of Westphalia via the historic Hellweg trail with the beautiful spas Sassendorf, Westernkotten and Waldliesborn right across biker’s paradise the Gütersloh region at the sunny side of the Teutoburg Forest to Bielefeld.

From Sparrenburg Castle you continue through the Lippe region with the charming Hanseatic town of Lemgo and idyllic valleys to the well-known stately spa Pyrmont until you reach the historic town centre of Hamelin on the mystic banks of the river Weser.

Start and Finish: Soest - Hameln

Length of tour: 255 - 275 km



A comfortable tour on the leg Soest – Bielefeld – Barntrup, since the Hellweg region, the Gütersloh region and the Western Lippe region are very flat. At the Eastern part of the tour are some ascending slopes mostly in the Blomberg and Lüdge area, but with some effort and muscles one will manage.
At the end it becomes very comfortable again, cycling along rivers Emmer and Weser.

white arrow: direction Hameln
black arrow: direction Soest


Tour route:

Soest - Bad Sassendorf - Erwitte - Bad Westernkotten - Lippstadt - Bad Waldliesborn - Langenberg - Rietberg - Rheda-Wiedenbrück - Herzebrock-Clarholz - Gütersloh - Harsewinkel - Steinhagen - Bielefeld - Leopoldshöhe - Bad Salzuflen - Lage - Lemgo - Dörentrup - Barntrup - Blomberg - Lügde - Schieder-Schwalenberg - Bad Pyrmont - Emmerthal - Hameln


General map of BikeTrainTour Hellweg-Weser