Town View Borgholzhausen


The Lebkuchen-town Borgholzhausen is situated in the heart of the Teutoburg Forest directly alongside the famous ridge way “Hermannsweg”. Ravensberg castle is the landmark of the Ravensberg region. Interesting cycling tours lead to the moated castles Holtfeld and Brinck. Big local festivities like the annual
“Kartoffelmarkt” (potato market) and the Christmas market always attract a lot of visitors. And one of the most renowned city road races is the “Nacht von Borgholzhausen” (Night of Borgholzhausen) in June.





Stadt Borgholzhausen
Schulstraße 5    
33829 Borgholzhausen
Telefon: +49 (0)5425 8070

Opening Hours
Mo - Fr 8 - 12.30 a.m.
Th 2.30 - 6 p.m.