Town of Georgsmarienhütte

View on Oesede


The name of the town derives from the steel mill of the same name founded in 1856. Though steel production still plays an important role, the time of smoking chimneys has long since passed and the beautiful nature may again be savoured with each deep breath. Dense forests around Georgsmarienhütte invite
everyone to experience nature on one of the numerous local and national hiking and bike trails. The look-outs on the “Lammersbrink” and especially on the
“Dörenberg” – the highest point of the Teutoburg Forest – offer marvellous views from Münsterland to “Dammer Berge”.





Stadt Georgsmarienhütte – Abteilung für Jugend und Kultur
Oeseder Str. 85
49124 Georgsmarienhütte
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