Welcome to the BikeTrainTour Teuto-Senne


The BikeTrainTour Teuto-Senne is the shortest of our three BikeTrainTours, with approx. 160 kilometres. It starts in the historical city centre of Osnabrück, thus impressing right at the beginning with numerous historical buildings and splendid facades.

The Lower Saxon part of the tour fea-tures the Osnabrück region with its sce-nic landscapes of hills and valleys and the well-known health resorts Bad Rothenfelde and Bad Iburg in the Teuto-burg Forest.

When arriving at the lovely half-timbered village of Bockhorst you have already reached Gütersloh region with its amazing farmhouses and vibrant places like Halle/Westfalen, Steinhagen or Schloß Holte-Stuckenbrock. At the East -Westphalian town of Bielefeld the Sparrenburg -an ancient fortress- and the historic city centre are worthwhile visiting.

The Paderborn region around Hövelhof welcomes you with a completely different type of landscape: blooming heather, pine-scented forests and crystal-clear streams. And Paderborn itself the time-honoured cathedral city and modern university town is the marvellous end of this tour.