Stiftskirche (Collegiate church) Bassum


Bassum, some 25 kilometres South of Bremen, has approx. 16,200 inhabitants. It’s a lively vibrant town in the country-side with history, culture and ample sports and leisure facilities. The development of the town is tightly connected to the ministry of Bassum and the earls of Hoya. St. Ansgar arch bishop of Bremen and Hamburg consecrated in 858 the Canonises convent Birxinon, later Bassum. Here, non-married women of noble families were cared for. In 1541 the convent became Lutheran and is till today guided by an abbess. The landmark of the town is the collegiate church which was erected about 1200. It is a monument in late Romanic style and one of the oldest brick churches in Northern Germany. Another historic site is the Freudenburg complex consisting of main building, dungeon, outwork and local history museum.





Stadt Bassum
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