Horn-Bad Meinberg

National Geotop Externsteine


100 little horns lead the visitor through the historic town centre.  The
“Fürstenroute Lippe” a cycling tour leads you on short tracks to the honey pot Externsteine with the new information centre and to the spa resort. Following the Meinberger Moormeile, a hiking trail, you will learn all about a natural remedy - moor: how it is cut, processed and finally used at the historic spa park. Cinema and theatre are well-known far beyond the city boundaries. And among 150 spas Horn-Bad Meinberg, including its own ADFC (German cyclists association) station, has been rated first in the category “in-town cycling friendliness”. Welcome!





Stadtmarketing Horn-Bad Meinberg GmbH
Allee 9
32805 Horn-Bad Meinberg
Telefon: +49 (0)5234 98903

Opening Hours
Mo - Fr 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.


Mid-April till mid-October
Additionally Saturdays 9.30 – 12 a.m.