Welcome to the BikeTrainTour Weser-Lippe


The BikeTrainTour Weser-Lippe from Bremen via Bielefeld to Paderborn is the longest of our three BikeTrainTours, with approx. 300 kilometres. It starts at the venerable Free Hanseatic City of Bremen, thus impressing right at the beginning with famous sites like the Roland Statue and the Bremen Town Musicians.

Travelling old Hanseatic trails the tour leads straight through the Lower Saxon county of Diepholz. The attractive mill-county of Minden-Lübbecke, the Widukind region of Herford and the old linen weaver town of Bielefeld, today radiating more metropolitan atmosphere, follow.

Lippe – home of Herman where the dwelling hills of the Teutoburg Forest lead into the Paderborn region. Past the great viaduct of Altenbeken this tour leads eventually to Paderborn which forms with its cathedral, town hall and other sites the marvellous end of this much diversified tour.